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We provide solutions for the equipment and accessories of the architectural space intended for "Asado" and "Hogar", that is, where FIRE is lit.


We offer advice to design interior or exterior spaces with a modern concept of "Quincho" and / or "Outdoor kitchen", intended for cooking in grills, ovens or gas, coal or firewood stoves.


We provide exclusive complements related to the tradition of the Argentine barbecue, we have a rational, but bold and cutting-edge vision.


We execute assemblies of the products that we manufacture and market together with their accessories, we perform services and maintenance, we guarantee a complete service.


Passionate about Fire, we did not have to think much about our name.


Love for Architecture, functionality and form, rationality and avant-garde, durability.


We turn it on very often, it's energy. Sometimes, they are embers on a grill and we cook; in others, a stove with friends and we talked; Or maybe, just to feel crackling logs with a drink in his hand. Most of the time, all that in its time. Ancestral ritual


Spaces designed to enjoy unforgettable moments surrounding the flames, timeless and yet ephemeral, modernity and tradition without conflicts.


Family birthday and meetings with friends; or better, melting in a same meeting where the labels do not matter and the table is extended without time.


United in Fire.



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